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Both marketing methods have their own advantage and disadvantages. we will go through the top differences between digital and traditional marketing. 


Digital marketing:-

  • Is More cost-effective.
  • Can be done in the house,
  • Has low marketing budget.
  • You will get better results.

Traditional Marketing- Channels like print, television, and radio advertising offer limited advertising space at a high cost.


Digital marketing reaches global audiences, there’s no limit in audience size or range. You can decide the audience size and region using the marketing tools according to the marketing channel

Traditional Marketing Methods like newspaper ads and flyers only reach people who buy newspapers, or if they visit somewhere that has your flyer hanging up. With these methods, you have limited reach. This usually benefits from a user of age range above 50. TV and radio ads, you’ll reach a much larger audience, but that doesn’t mean you’re reaching an audience that’s interested in your products or services.


With digital marketing, you can target people. If your audience has specific interests, you can target them with content that matches them perfectly.

In traditional marketing, it’s hard to target your audience.


In digital marketing, you can interact and engage with your audience, like reviews, comments, and feedbacks

In traditional marketing, it is hard to get feedback from the audience, mostly it is one-way communication.


We can monitor the real-time activities and the responses of your audience. Therefore, it has more trackability and measurement ability like

  • Clicks
  • Pageviews
  • Unique visitors
  • Session length
  • Likes and follows
  • Links from other sources
  • Page rank
  • Ranking keywords
  • Video views
  • Conversions
  • Purchases
  • Subscriptions

Compare to digital marketing, it is not easy to track real-time activities in traditional marketing, so the results are very difficult to identify. Also, it takes time to understand the efficiency and returns.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Digital marketing has high returns. It has high conversion rates at a low cost. In a single click, an audience can convert to a customer.

Traditional marketing has lower conversion rates than digital marketing. The audience are less motivated, it involves more steps to convert as a customer. There are chances to drop out somewhere along the way of the conversion process.