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Do you think CATT is rocket science? No. it is a simple formula for your success in a hungry market.

Niche: Selecting a niche is a very important factor and your success depends on your niche. Success and wealth are purely based on your niche which you selected

Content:  After finding out your niche then create attractive and valuable content based on your niche, those content will attract people to your blog, post, and videos. Great content is always an asset.

Attention: Next navigate audience attention (Traffic) to your content through using SEO, Social Media, Paid Ads, and Referrals.

Trust:  It is the critical stage of any business. To build trust, you should do deep marketing like sending personalized messages or any other method of communication. For example email, social media posts, etc to your targeted audience. Consistently putting invaluable content will create trust.

Transaction: When the trust is built, it will naturally encourage the audience to purchase your product or service.